Muthomi Njuki asks leaders to reach truce, focus on growth

Monday October 21 2019

Tharaka-Nithi Governor Muthomi Njuki has announced plans for a conciliation meeting for all county leaders, for discussions on unity and development.

Speaking during Mashujaa Day celebrations at Kajiunduthi grounds in Maara constituency on Sunday, Mr Njuki noted that disunity had been a big blow to development.

He regretted that leaders attack each other in public and cannot plan development together, leaving the area to lag behind.

“We have plans to hold a ceasefire meeting. We are consulting on how, where and when to hold it,” he said.

He said he would send an official invitation to all the leaders.



Chuka/Igambang’ombe MP Patrick Munene said most of the county project funded by the national government have stalled due to lack of funds and disunity.

“County Commissioner Beverly Opwora is the one who checks the progress of projects with the relevant ministries because we have lost focus due to disunity,” he said

Mr Munene told politicians that it iswrong to embark on early campaigns as the people are expecting growth.

He said it is embarrassing for residents to keep urging leaders set aside their personal and political differences in order to serve them properly.

Last year, the leaders boycotted a conciliation meeting convened by the Njuri Ncheke Council of Elders at the Kathwana county headquarters Kathwana.

Only Deputy Governor Nyamu Kagwima attended the meeting.


Meanwhile, political camps allied to Governor Njuki and Senator Kithure Kindiki have thrown the county into early 2022 election campaigns.

The two leaders clashed in public on the last day of the Uraga Tharaka Annual Cultural Festival in September, differing over the one with the right to speak last.

Prof Kindiki has accused Mr Njuki of misusing public funds and disrespecting him, allegations that the latter has denied.

The governor has accused the senator of trying to ruin his reputation due to his governor ambition.

Prof Kindiki has managed to bring into his camp former Tharaka-Nithi Governor Samuel Ragwa and Tharaka MP Gitonga Murugara while Mr Njuki has Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki.

MP Munene had been siding with Prof Kindiki but seems to have decamped to Governor Njuki's camp. Woman Representative Ms Beatrice Nkatha and Mr Kagwima have remained neutral.