Remandee climbs to the top of police lorry, demands tea

Wednesday March 18 2020
Remandee pic 1

A remandee climbed on top of a lorry and demanded tea on February 20, 2018, when he and others were ferried to the Kitale courts. PHOTO | GERALD BWISA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


There was drama at a Kitale court on Tuesday morning after a remandee refused to alight from a police vehicle as he demanded to be served tea first.

All was well as the lorry full of remandees parked in the court’s compound and one by one they alighted and were ushered into the cells.


But one man, identified only as Stephen, instead climbed to the top of the vehicle.

He began shouting saying he needed some tea before he could get into the cell.

“Mimi sitoki hapa hadi nipewe chai (I will not get out of here until I get some tea),” he roared in Kiswahili.

Stunned, the officers regrouped and agreed to have one of them force the remandee to get down.


But Stephen, who was clad in a striped polo shirt and ragged jeans, was not done with his theatrics.

He jumped from one side of the lorry to another, as the officer struggled to catch him.

The game ended when he was finally caught and brought down from the lorry.

He did not get any tea and was warned of dire consequences if he repeated the act. Stephen was then taken to the court cells.

He has been charged with stealing maize produce in Cherangany and he had been brought alongside others for the mention of the case.