Ottichilo transfers chief of staff amid ouster threats

Friday February 28 2020

Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo during a past event. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Governor Wilber Ottichilo has transferred his chief of staff Noah Okaya to the Council of Governors to serve as a liaison officer.

This comes against the backdrop of a deteriorating relationship between the executive and the county assembly.

The move is aimed at forestalling impeachment proceedings.

The governor believes the continued stay of the officer was untenable, blaming him for the strained relations.

“I believe this action will bring harmony and peace between the Vihiga County government and the county assembly and the public in general."

Mr Okaya is on a charm offensive campaigning to be elected as Luanda MP, a move that has also tainted the good relationship that existed between Dr Ottichilo and current legislator Mr Chris Omulele.


The governor said his request to meet the assembly failed due to the current political space and noted that he is in the process of making a second attempt to meet the ward representatives who are planning to oust him.

As of Wednesday, the governor was making frantic efforts to avert the motion of impeachment when it emerged that at least 23 out of 38 MCAs had appended their signatures to the document that will set the stage for his impeachment.

And, for the first time since disgruntled MCAs mooted the idea of kicking him out of office, Dr Ottichilo said he was aware of the plans but defended his administration, saying it has achieved a lot since taking office in August 2017.