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Child at Vihiga hospital in urgent need of blood donation

Tuesday January 9 2018

Rabin Kavai

Rabin Kavai who is recuperating in the paediatric ward at Vihiga County Referral hospital after she underwent an operation to remove worms that preyed on her blood. The hospital is in urgent need of the rare blood group O negative to save the life of the child. PHOTO | DERICK LUVEGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP  

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Vihiga County Referral Hospital is in urgent need of the rare blood group O negative to save the life of a child who underwent an operation due to "heavy infestation by worms that preyed on her blood".

Medical Superintendent Emmanuel Ayodi said the child, Rabin Kavai, 7, was admitted to the hospital last week following stomach upsets.

Dr Ayodi said closer examination revealed the minor had suffered worm infestation that had multiplied and blocked her intestines and fed on her blood.

He said the hospitals blood bank has run out.

Recent efforts to restock the blood bank failed after only a few people turned out at Kaimosi for a medical camp and blood donation.

He also noted that efforts to get the rare blood group from other blood banks across the country have not borne fruit.

He called for blood donation to help save the life of the minor after she was operated on to remove the worms.

"The minor had many worms in her stomach. The worms had blocked her intestines," said Dr Ayodi.

He went on: "She was operated on last week. We sent signals to blood centres but we have not been successful.

"We need to do a transfusion to stabilise her for another possible operation," he added.