Wajir North MP Ahmed Abdisalan escapes unhurt in gun attack

Friday August 23 2019

Wajir North MP Ahmed Abdisalan's vehicle was set on fire by unknown gunmen on August 22, 2019 in Masalale, Wajir County. PHOTO | COURTESY


Wajir North MP Ahmed Abdisalan on Thursday escaped an attack by unknown gunmen at Masalale during a census sensitisation exercise.

The legislator, who had accompanied enumerators, had just arrived in the area when his vehicle was ambushed by the attackers.

His bodyguards managed to whisk him away to safety, abandoning the vehicle.

The attackers then set the abandoned car on fire.

A second vehicle belonging to an member of the County Assembly was also badly damaged in the attack.


A vehicle belonging to a Wajir MCA was damaged in the attack by unknown gunmen on August 22, 2019 in Masalale. PHOTO | COURTESY


No one was hurt in the attack.


Tensions remains high at Masalale, which is at the border of Eldas and Wajir North constituencies, where two clans have been embroiled in a border dispute.

Wajir County Commissioner Loyford Kibaara said there has been a long standing border dispute at the scene of Thursday’s attack.

Masalale North, which is on the border of Wajir North and Eldas Constituency, is a contested area with recurring clashes over boundary disputes.

“The MP was asked by his constituents to visit the area where a mosque construction had stalled and partially destroyed recently when the flare up occurred. Police shot in the area and dispersed those present. No one was injured and we have increased police patrols,” Mr Kibaara said.

A crisis meeting was held with local leaders from clans involved in the dispute where they have resolved to maintain peace. The meeting was chaired by Mr Kibaara.

“We have explained to them that we are not handling the boundary issue. It is a requirement that all Kenyans are counted in Saturday’s census and anyone who will interfere with that process should know it’s a crime punishable by the law,” the administrator said.

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi condemned the attack and called for calm.

"Our security agencies must apprehend the criminals with urgency as we will not allow to degrade to this low while the effects of drought is already burdening our people.

"I appeal for calm and urge all the leaders from the two neighbouring sub counties of Eldas and Wajir North to lead peace efforts and ensure each and every of our residents is counted at his locality in the very near National Census Exercise," he said.

Wajir has in the past experienced inter-clan clashes leading to deaths and the government has indicated its resolve to end the disputes amicably.