We have not been paid for 13 months, Wajir land board says

Thursday January 31 2019

Wajir County government offices.

Wajir County government offices. Members of the county's land tribunal board have decried delayed payment of their allowances by the county administration. PHOTO | BRUHAN MAKONG | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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Members of Wajir County Land Tribunal Board have decried delayed payment of their allowances by the county administration.

Addressing journalists, the board members said that they have not received any funds for the past 13 months despite the same having been budgeted for.

The board’s nine members claim that they have had several sessions with the county government who promised to pay them but they are yet to get any money.

“Despite our crucial role in solving land issues in the county which has been a tough task, we are yet to receive our money, making us wonder where it went,” said Mr Mohamed Ali, a member.


Mr Abdullahi Mahmud, the chairman of the board, said that lack of funds has made it difficult for them to carry out their duties which involves negotiating with disputing groups and site visits, adding that they need answers on why their funds are not being released to them.

“Land issues are sensitive in this part of the country and our contribution and involvement has been highly crucial in such instances and it is quite unfair for the administration to deny us our rights,” he said.

He added that as members, they also have responsibilities to their families and lack of payment threatens their future.

Mama Oray Adan, the vice-chairperson of the board, said that someone must account for their money.

The board members threatened to down their tools if their demands are not met.

Chief Lands Officer Ahmed Mohamed confirmed that the board members have not been paid but added that he had done his part in informing the concerned authorities.