COUNTY POLITICS: Ward reps suffer voters’ wrath for bowing to executive

Ward reps suffer voters’ wrath for bowing to executive

Out of the 40 elected MCAs, only seven emerged victorious in the fierce nominations marked with irregularities.

Members of the Homa Bay County Assembly are on the receiving end after voters rejected them at the ballot in the just-concluded Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) nomination in the county last week.

Out of the 40 elected MCAs, only 7 emerged victorious in the fierce nominations marked with complaints and irregularities.

MCAs Evans Marieba (Gwassi North), Julius Gaya (Central Karachuonyo), Elephalet Osuri (Ruma Kaksingri) Oscar Abote (Kabuoch North), Samuel Okumu (East Kamagak), Isaiah Oyoo (West Kamagak) and Kenneth Oranga (Mfangano) survived the onslaught which saw the assembly’s majority leader Michael Owino Ooro (Rusinga) defeated.

Residents had accused the MCAs of cavorting with the County Executive, jeopardising their oversight role.

Mr George Okiki, a political activist in the county said the rejection of the MCAs was welcome as they were ineffective.


“The MCAs did not perform their oversight roles satisfactorily. This angered voters,” said Mr Okiki.

The MCAs have also been accused of rejecting or sitting on reports tabled in the Assembly incriminating top county officials on graft.

Mr Paul Okelo, a resident mentions the rejection of a report on the 33-kilometre Gendia-Kadongo road and the “unnecessary” overseas trips, as a cause of ire against the MCAs.

“The MCAs had gone to bed with the Executive in executing malpractice. We are determined to send home in August, the few who escaped our wrath,” said Mr Okelo.


In the past one month, the Assembly has been under probe by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission following loss of over Sh400 million.

County Assembly Clerk Bob Kephers and other top officials are under probe.

On Monday, an official at the EACC disclosed to the Nation that several MCAs are under active investigation for stealing public funds.

“Whether they are voted out or not, criminal action against them will be taken very soon,” said the official.

However, score of MCAs who have been rejected during the ODM nominations have termed the exercise as unfair and shambolic.

They have now vowed to unseat the winners in the August 8 General Election as independent candidates.