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Why you should exercise before breakfast

Best exercise before breakfast: Report

Report finds this lowers risk of diabetes

Scientists have found a new way of avoiding type two diabetes and heart diseases among men.

In a new research, the scientists found that exercising in the morning before eating breakfast lowered the risk of developing type two diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases.

The research by scientists at the universities of Bath and Birmingham published on Friday in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that people can better control their blood sugar levels by changing the timing of when they eat and exercise.

The study was done in six weeks among obese men and the results showed that exercising before eating breakfast helped burn double the amount of fat compared to exercising after.

This is because, the scientists found, increased fat use is mainly due to lower insulin levels during exercise because people have ‘fasted’ overnight (during sleep), “which means they can use more of the fat from their fat tissue and the fat within their muscles as a fuel”.