Walking test may help survivors of stroke, shows study


A stroke makes it hard for survivors to walk again

Thursday October 03 2019

A simple walking speed test may help predict whether young adult stroke survivors are ready to return to work, according to a new study.

Published in Stroke journal, the study says one in every four people with a stroke is under 65 years old and up to 44 per cent of them may not be able to work again largely because of challenges they experience with walking.

Although there is no clear data on the burden of stroke in Kenya, a study conducted in the country last year and published in the US National Library of Medicine highlights that “mortality due to stroke is high, with poor survival observed in the first year after stroke.

The risk of death increases with increasing age and duration of hospital stay. Stroke affects motor control and function. “To return to work, you must be able to walk to your car, bus, office and meeting rooms,” showed the study.