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DR FLO: How to clear ringworm

DR FLO: How to clear ringworm

Recurring fungal infections could be due to misdiagnosis or a poor immune system.

Dr Flo, I have suffered from skin disease for years and it is clear I have infected my fiancée. My skin develops white spots like ringworm which gets irritated when it's warm/hot.

I have taken many types of drugs without positive response. After completing a dose of antifungal medication, the spots return with a vengeance. Please help. Felix

Dear Felix,

Recurring fungal infections could be due to misdiagnosis, not completing treatment, or a poor immune system. It could also be due to a genetic condition where the skin does not recognise the fungus as foreign matter and therefore the body does not try to get rid of it.

Many times, the fungi that cause infection live naturally on or in our bodies and only cause a problem when they over multiply. It is easy to get a fungal infection from another person, because they are also carrying fungi. You can also get it from clothing, towels, lanyards, floors, etc.

Fungi like warm and wet environments, which is why it is easy to get fungal infections between the toes, or in the groin. Fungi also shed spores, which are like tiny seeds that collect in our clothes or shoes, waiting for the right conditions to grow again.

If there are spores present, you can have proper treatment but the infection comes back when the spores start growing.

The condition can be managed. You need to visit a dermatologist to get a proper diagnosis. It would also be beneficial to check for conditions that could lower your immunity like diabetes, or HIV.

When you are put on medication, take it for the prescribed duration, even if the skin rash has disappeared. You can take tablets or use a cream or anti-fungal shampoo occasionally after treatment to prevent re-growth.

You can also apply anti-fungal powder to the shoes daily. Clothes should be washed and sun-dried in an airy place, and if possible, ironed inside-out. Also clean shoes regularly and get rid of old shoes.

Your fiancée should also be treated. Avoid sharing clothes, shoes, towels and other personal items. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes, and wear cotton clothes and leather shoes.


My testicles are not balanced

Dr Flo, my right testicle is smaller than the right one. They are not balanced. It has been like that for several years now. What should I do? Collins

Dear Collins,

It is normal for one testicle (usually the right one) to be bigger than the other one, and for one to hang lower than the other one.

If there is a change in shape, or an increase in size over time, or there is pain, it may be due to infection, growths in the testicles (e.g. varicoceles, hydrocele, spermatocele, or tumours) or twisting/torsion.

In that case, you would need to see a doctor to have some tests like urine analysis and testicular ultrasound done for proper diagnosis and management.


I have severe pain on the waist that can’t allow me to bend.

Dr Flo, what does it mean to experience pricking pain in the testicular spermatid cord? I have constant severe pain on the waist that can’t allow me to bend. What could this be? Kipkirui

Dear Kipkirui,

The spermatic cord carries blood vessels and nerves to the testicles. It can develop pain due to infection, twisting/torsion, or as a result of prior surgery.

Pain along the waist or abdominal pain can be caused by conditions like kidney stones affecting the organs that are in or close to that region; it can also be caused by any problem with the testicles, like injury, torsion or inflammation; inguinal hernia; having a lot of gas; indigestion; constipation; any problems in the large intestines like inflammation or obstruction; diverticulitis, nerve or muscular pain, or even a painful viral rash (herpes zoster)

You need to see a doctor urgently for proper examination. Tests will be done depending on the symptoms, for example urine tests, stool tests, abdominopelvic ultrasound, testicular ultrasound, etc. Once a diagnosis is made, you will be treated appropriately.


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