Thursday June 18 2020

FROM PUSH TO SHOVE: Even after the start of the nightly curfew was changed from 7pm to 9pm in the recent adjustment of Covid-19 safety guidelines, Francis Njuguna is disappointed to note that some Kenyans still find it difficult to comply with the rule and must be literally forced to do so. Says he: “Just the other day, I saw security officers making frantic efforts to have people get into their homes after 9pm. Imagine, this was after the government had pushed the curfew time to 9pm. I can’t stop wondering what is good for us.” To make life easy for the authorities and everyone else, Francis appeals to the people to make every effort to beat the curfew deadlines. His contact is [email protected]

LOST IN FACE MASK: Mwangi Wanjohi is in no doubt that the face mask is a key weapon against the coronavirus. But he is a little worried. Says he: “Communication is a complex process that goes beyond the spoken word. From facial expressions one can read love, resentment, approval, disapproval and many other messages. With everyone wearing a face mask, this part of communication is lost.” The biggest casualties, he fears, are the youth. “One can’t help but pity those who are courting. They might miss a lot and only find this out after getting married.” His contact is [email protected]

CAUTIOUS REOPENING: To ensure some Kenyans do not starve to death, Joanne Nyawira wants private businesses allowed to reopen but strictly follow the safety guidelines prescribed by the Ministry of Health to curb the spread of Covid-19. Having to observe the 9pm to 4am curfew hours, adds Joanne, is much better than being under lockdown. This, she adds, is something many don’t understand. “The people have to fend for themselves in order for the economy to grow. Under lockdown, you are confined to your house and not allowed to come out, and only one person from the family can go shopping.” Her contact is [email protected]

AIR’ TALE: Waweru Munyu was sure it was a done deal when he bought Airtel airtime credit for his 4G Smartbox on May 20. But two days later, he noticed that his account had not been credited and called customer care. It was the beginning of a harrowing experience. He has since spoken to eight staff and visited their Sarit Centre branch in Nairobi to no avail. “I’m always told the matter has been given to the technical team and will be resolved in 24 to 48 hours. An email from a Barry Lare also harped on this monotonous line on June 2. “I feel cheated. I bought this so that my children could go online and join their classmates.” His contact is [email protected]

TRANSFORMED SERVICE: The power outage affecting the Bukhulunya neighbourhood of Kakamega town, which Valerie Gloria recently complained about, was caused by a faulty transformer, says Kenya Power’s Corporate Communications Department, in a statement issued from the headquarters in Nairobi. And the good news for residents of that area and its environs is an assurance by the utility that the matter has, finally, been sorted out. “We are pleased to report that the transformer was replaced on Tuesday, May 2, and that our customers are currently back on supply. However, we regret any inconvenience caused to them.” The department’s email is [email protected]

MASTER GREENERS: The Kenya Forest Service deserves praise for a job well done at the Lang’ata Road-Mbagathi Way roundabout in Nairobi, says David Jasondu, after it planted trees on the site of a building constructed on riparian land — interfering with the flow of the adjacent river — that was demolished two years ago. But he asks KFS to prevail upon the Water ministry, Nairobi City County and Nairobi Metropolitan Services to dredge and expand the riverbed to contain an overflow during rains. “Kudos, KFS, and continue with the good work of greening our city.” His contact is


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