EDITORIAL: Secure online platforms

What you need to know:

  • Cybercrime commands millions of shillings and poses a grave threat to legitimate businesses.

As the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is intensified, some of the solutions figured out seem to have come with their own unique tests.

To curb the spread of the deadly respiratory disease, governments all over the world have imposed lockdowns and emphasized the need for social distancing.

However, as often happens, some devious people are seeking to profit from the misery of others. Chief Justice David Maraga is warning fellow Kenyans to be wary of cybercrime as online operations increase due to the pandemic.

Businesses and other organisations have been encouraging customers to use online platforms due to the understandable restrictions on movement.

The CJ has been at the forefront in encouraging the adoption of online operations, including the delivery of justice, with the court process now being increasingly digitised.

This has, indeed, come in handy, as many cases have been heard online and judgments issued, speeding up the delivery of justice.


This is not just cost-effective, it also eliminates the need for physical contact and thus prevents the spread of the deadly virus. However, there is a need for all to remain alert as some are up to nefarious activities.

This was bound to happen. According to a recent report by the National Kenya Computer Incident Response Team’s coordination centre, Kenya is among the top 10 African countries with the highest incidence of cybercrime.

The crooks have been salivating as the government, private and public companies, including banks, encourage their customers to avoid physical visits and go online to carry out their sanctions.

It is a most convenient and largely risk-free mechanism to ensure operations are not grounded, but everyone must be on the lookout for the devious people who love to harvest where they have not sown.

Cybercrime commands millions of shillings and poses a grave threat to legitimate businesses.

It is encouraging, therefore, that the judiciary is rolling out training for its top officers to deter and prevent the actions of criminals driven by the desire to make easy money. The online platforms must be secured.