Kenya Power is beyond redemption; privatise distribution of electricity

Tuesday June 30 2020

The article by columnist Gabriel Oguda, “Keter’s body might be with us, but his mind is in the clouds” (Saturday Nation, June 27), is an interesting read.

As much as we would be keen to save the “profit-starved” Kenya Power, we would like the state corporation to do a functional analysis of its systems to effectively reduce systemic losses emanating from loss of revenue due to non-revenue energy (NRE) — estimated at 40-60 per cent.

From my casual research, I can authoritatively report that there are very many customers who have been connected to the electricity grid by Kenya Power but are yet to have meters installed in their premises.

Some have even been using free power for more than two years. Attempts to get the same is frustrated by prevalence of so many gatekeepers who demand a bribe to do their work!

Energy CS Charles Keter has done a commendable job to increase access to electricity, especially in the rural areas. But he has been misadvised by his staff that the “demand for electricity has dropped since Covid-19 docked on our shores”.

The inefficiency and lack of professional ethics and practices is the root of the “profit starving”. Does the utility have a functional service and customer charter?


Privatisation of distribution of electricity is long overdue; there’s a lot of demand but not an efficient distributor.

Onesmus Maritim, Kericho