Politicians should focus on issues affecting Kenyans, not 2022

Saturday July 04 2020

In the past few weeks, the political landscape in Kenya has been volatile.

The ruling party Jubilee has had its share of wrangles with politicians allied to Deputy President William Ruto losing plum posts in the Senate and in the National Assembly.

Instead of all pulling together to combat our most pressing enemy right now - Covid-19 - many politicians are concentrating on 2022 succession politics.

Politicians who are making decisions either because they feel that they have been wronged or for any other reason, are spending too much time in the past.


A leader who constantly dwells in the past rather than the future is not focused on improving Kenya.


Kenyan politicians spend too much time talking about 2022 succession politics instead of addressing the most pressing issues like Covid-19, economic development, female empowerment, better infrastructure, education and healthcare.

We need to focus more on the present. Once we overcome the challenges we have now, we can begin to think about the next ones. This is not to say that we shouldn’t be planning for the future. Long term planning is essential to achieve our development goals, especially President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda and Vision 2030 goals. But these goals must be addressed one step at a time.


The 2022 succession politics was a hot topic long before the Covid-19 pandemic reached Kenya.

No matter who becomes the president in 2022, Kenyans need development like improved infrastructure and gender parity.

We need a health environment for the future generation. Our children should enjoy equal opportunities. Seeking revenge will take us to the dark ages where we do not want to be.

And with elections still almost two years away, there is no need to waste time campaigning. Kenya’s unity is more important now than ever before.