MUTHIANI: How to prepare for optimal productivity at home

Sunday May 31 2020
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Please note that once you are resourced to do your job, employers will expect outstanding output from you. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


We will see social distancing at work continue, and employers need not only prepare guidelines for employees in compliance with the government’s directive on protection but also ensure that this is observed. 

Such guidelines should include how to manage employees after a Covid-19 exposure to minimise infections.

Some employees may opt to continue working from home for health reasons and fear of infection, better work-life integration and to avoid the home-office commute, which takes precious time every workday.

Employers, this is good for you as your employees' homes become free office space. The only key investment is to facilitate them for optimal productivity.

And to the employee, please note that once you are resourced to do your job, employers will expect outstanding output from you.



Self-management will be critical. All those statements you make during interviews such as ‘I work with minimal supervision’ will be put to the test.

In these days of jobs uncertainty, career growth belongs to those who can deliver beyond what is expected irrespective of the work location.

Business trips will be fewer, both local and international. One key lesson from Covid-19 is that virtual meetings are affordable and can be productive when all participants are committed.

Organisations should invest in a suitable platform that offers reliable and secure meeting space to support online meetings.

There is good news for those who have little tolerance for team building activities; those who see them as an excuse for excessive partying in the name of bonding. 


They will be on hold for a while. Some employers concerned about the welfare of their employees are embracing virtual team building.

The happy hour is usually quite hilarious, as employees bond in quite a special way across distances.

Social distancing means that all those notorious office huggers — who sometimes do this with some eerie motives — will look for another way to cheer themselves up.

Finally, if you are looking at climbing the career ladder, or changing jobs, future recruitments will be mostly virtual.

Polish up your video or telephone interview skills to ensure you stand out when that opportunity calls.

Ms Muthiani, an HR specialist with over 20 years’ experience, is the MD, MillennialHR