Skills that will be needed post-pandemic

A couple working at home.  PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK 

What you need to know:

  • Think about tech skills that make your job tick.
  • Workers unable to put up with constant workplace changes or unable to perceive the future, will be fired.

Covid-19 has dealt a big body-blow to workers and workplaces. It eliminated many jobs, created new ones, and changed many others. In the wake of these disruptions, everyone is talking about how to fit into the "new normal."

It is no doubt that coronavirus will linger around for a long time. Question is, how can workers prepare to keep their professional boat afloat in the new normal? What skills must they master to stay relevant?

One among many lessons Covid-19 has taught us is that to thrive in the post-pandemic workplace, one must adapt to an ever-evolving workplace.

Workers unable to put up with constant workplace changes or unable to perceive the future, will be fired. Technology skills are quintessential for organisations, especially during dire disruptions like coronavirus. In post-pandemic phase, professionals with the right tech skills will be more appealing to employers.


 They will have a leg up on job interviews. And not just any technology skills but skills that align with and scaffold the industry. Think about tech skills that make your job tick. Ask yourself what skills can transform your organisation for it to stay competitive in this fast-evolving era. Invest, learn, and ace those skills.

Other than the tech skills specific to your industry, think about appropriate and secure tools for remote working. Remote working is no longer a stop-gap measure; it is going to be the norm for many organisations, hence the need to master those skills. Showcase your masterly to your company's leadership or when you attend a job interview.

Like technology literacy, numeracy literacy is going to be much more in demand in the marketplace. Professionals with the ability to read industry trends and discern the future will have an edge.

Why? Because in almost every industry, numerate professionals—those with a knack for reviewing information about the industry and use it to guide the business – will be uniquely equipped for the pandemic-shaken marketplace.


 Leadership is a skill that obviously mattered before Covid-19. But to cope with the turmoil that Covid-19 has caused, leadership skills and ability to apply it in life and in business will be critical.

Professionals who have honed their leadership skills, including how to bring out the best and inspire teams and encourage collaboration, will be the crown jewels of their organisations. Those who see opportunities in problems will be sought-after.

Here is my point: The current job outlook is gloomy and will remain so for some time. But companies will still be in the market hunting for workers who can turn them around. To position yourself for the few prized opportunities, keep these cachet skills regularly watered and evergreen.

Discern the market and prepare accordingly.

Mr Wambugu is an Informatician. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @samwambugu2