How does live betting work?


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You can place a bet after the start of a match and it is called live betting, in-running betting, or in-play betting. Although not as popular as line betting, this method has been gathering traction across many global markets. Live betting in Kenya is the preferred gambling option on bookies like 22Bet. 

This kind of betting gives you a chance to change your bets or place new ones during the matches. It means you don’t need to focus on analysing statistics that much. You just have to watch the game carefully. 

You may want to know: How does live betting work? Here is a short explanation. 

Before the match starts, bookmakers set odds that reflect chances given to a certain outcome to happen. However, after the start of the match, depending on what really happens, bookmakers change their odds.

The odds can be changed several times. They are created by a computer algorithm, which is why with updated data during the match, odds will change. If something significant happens, betting will probably stop for a few seconds to let the computer count reasonable odds.

What does live betting mean in practice? 

If team A was given odds that make them a favourite to win the match and team B scored first, the odds will change and they will reflect what actually happened. Team A will probably still be the favourite, but their odds will rise, which means that chances given to them to win a match became lower. 

This means that a bettor who wants to bet on team A will have a chance to earn more money if placing a wager during the match.

It’s not just goals and final results whose odds can be changed. Every action taking place during a match can be something you bet on in the live betting option. 

Advantages of live betting

Live betting has several advantages. First, before placing a wager, you can see what is really happening. 

When focused on every single second of the match, you may be able to predict what will happen in minutes to come. This means that live betting provides you more options. You can, for example, bet on who will win the next point in a tennis match. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

The punter can change his time several times during the match. It may sometimes seem that the team that the punter wanted to bet on before the start of the match has a bad day and with this live betting option, the punter can change the bet and avoid losing money. 

These all mean that more ways to win and a possibility to change your mind due to what really happens during the match are the main advantages of in-play betting

You must be responsible

Live betting provides more options, which means more chances to lose your money too. To bet wisely, you should set an upper limit on how much you can spend when betting. 

Make sure you don’t place bets when you are upset because your judgments aren’t clear. 

So, setting a limit is the best way you can enjoy this exciting form of betting without serious consequences.