Pigs bring home the bacon for families in Busia

Saturday April 12 2014
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Mr Harrison Sumba at his farm in Busia. PHOTO | GODFREY OUNDOH


After retiring, Michael Abuya and his wife Elizabeth moved to their rural home in Busia, from Nakuru and sought alternative sources of income.

Farming presented them with the opportunity they needed to make money to supplement their pension.

The retirees, who live in Ageng’a Sub-Location, Muramba went into pig farming.

“We started with two pigs, a sow and boar. I bought them from Mundika Mission Convent in Busia. They multiplied fast. In a year, we had over 20 pigs,” recounts Elizabeth, who was working as a teacher and her husband as a councillor.

Farmers Choice has become one of the biggest buyers of their products.

“The company buys pigs at good prices. That’s why I work hard on my farm.”


The company has bought from the farmers over 150 pigs since 2012, earning them Sh2.7 million.

Elizabeth says the most important thing with pigs is to feed them well and make sure that they live in a clean environment, with good supply of water for high productivity.

Most buyers are keen on weight, which she estimates a good pig should be between 75kgs and 120kgs at the time of sale. Farmers Choice buys the animals at between Sh240 and Sh255 a kilo. But she also sells to other buyers.

Although Elizabeth earns good money, she cites some challenges, noting that animal feeds are expensive. A 70-kg bag goes for Sh2,500.
Another farmer, Harrison Sumba, says pigs need a lot of care.

“I lost over five piglets last week after their mother suffocated them during suckling.”

A mature sow weighs about 300kgs. A two-month old piglet, on the other hand, goes for about Sh3,000 and matures at eight months.