Bungoma Jubilee, Nasa MCAs clash over people's assembly motion

Tuesday November 14 2017

Jubilee MCAs walk out of the Bungoma County Assembly on November 14, 2017 in protest over the people's assembly motion tabled by the opposition Nasa. PHOTO | TITUS OTEBA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Jubilee and Nasa MCAs in the Bungoma County Assembly clashed during debate on people's assembly motion by the opposition National Super Alliance (Nasa).

Jubilee MCAs, who vehemently opposed the motion, walked out of the assembly in protest after it was tabled for debate by Majority leader Florence Wekesa who is also the Maeni MCA.

Speaker Emmanuel Situma had allowed the debate to go on and that was when the disagreement started.

There was a shouting match between the two bitter camps that interrupted the session.


Chesikaki MCA Ben Kipkut and his Ndali Ward counterpart Bethwel Mwambu had opposed the motion saying that it will render them jobless.


"I do not support this motion because if we go with it, all our elections in this House should be null and void because it was conducted by IEBC that you are now accusing of malpractice," said Mr Mwambu.

Mr Kipkut on the other hand termed the motion irrelevant as all the MCAs were elected to “indirectly represent their subjects” who are not physically seen in the House.

Earlier on, Ms Wekesa had presented the motion saying that they want a country where the rights of every Kenyan will be respected and the choice of the majority upheld during subsequent elections.


"During the August 8 and October 26, no presidential election was conducted but the preferred candidate was just picked. We want everything changed through this motion for Kenya to restore its glory," she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by Maraka Ward MCA Ali Mutoka who supported the motion saying that they will not accept to be ruled through dictatorship.

"Kenya is a sovereign country and the right of everyone should be respected at all costs," he said.

At this point, Jubilee MCAs moved out of the House and the Nasa MCAs, who are the majority, passed the motion.

Bokoli MCA Jack Kawa (Ford Kenya) scuffled with his South Bukusu counterpart Sudi Busolo (Jubilee) forcing the assembly orderlies to step in and separate them.