Family in Busia seeks help for girl, 4, battling early puberty

Wednesday June 12 2019

A family in Teso North, Busia County has appealed to medical experts to come to the aid of a four-year-old girl with a rare case of early puberty.

The child’s grandmother said the girl, who is in baby class, has started menstruating and has also developed breasts.

The grandmother said she was referred to Busia County Referral Hospital for an examination but could not raise the required money to pay for charges.

Dr Anthony Akoto, a specialist, said the girl will need to be examined by a multidisciplinary team of experts.

“This medical condition is considered an anomaly because it has occurred before the nor-mal puberty period and is attributed to hormonal imbalance.



“The surge in the level of oestrogen contributes to the development of features associated with puberty, especially breast tissues and menstrual flow,” he said.

He advised parents who have children with similar conditions to seek treatment as soon as possible to avoid psychological challenges that might affect patients due to segregation from the public.

“We wish to take such children for counselling and treatment if possible so that they don’t feel out of place among peers. This usually enables them to regain their normal lives,” said Dr Akoto.