Bidco Africa cleared to manufacture hand sanitiser

Saturday May 30 2020

Kebs Quality Assurance Officer Jael taking records of Gental Care Hand Sanitiser at Bidco Africa’s manufacturing plant in Thika. Looking on is Bidco’s Lead Quality Assurance and Systems Officer Kennedy Simba. PHOTO | POOL


The Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has cleared Bidco Africa to manufacture and sell the Gental Care Hand Sanitiser.

A statement from Kebs and Bidco Africa confirmed the development, bringing to an end weeks of negotiations over the viability of the product for the market.

Kebs had stopped the manufacture and sale of the product.

"Following the notice issued to the public on the Standardization of Gental Care Hand Sanitiser, we engaged with Kebs on the necessary steps, probing their actions in search of an amicable solution. Consequently, we opened our doors to Kebs officers to conduct a surveillance audit, collection of random samples as we recalled two batches of the product from the market on their advice," said  Bidco Africa in a statement.

"We have received confirmation from Kebs, in writing, that Gental Care Hand Sanitizer is fully compliant with set standards and meets all measures on quality and safety. We have chosen to go over and above the required dosage of alcohol content of 60 per cent to 70 per cent to offer better protection and that is what is now available."

Nation established that the company invited Kebs officials to its manufacturing plant in Thika which led to samples of the Gental Care Hand Sanitiser being subjected to test and confirmation on quality and alcohol concentration.


The company also provided Kebs with evidence of measures on Pre-production Quality Assurance as well as Post-production Quality control.