Government to issue 4,610 title deeds to Kilifi residents

Thursday January 26 2017

Kilifi County Commissioner Joseph Keter in Ganze, Kilifi on October 18, 2016. PHOTO | WACHIRA MWANGI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The national government will issue title deeds totalling 4,610 to Kilifi residents living in 10 adjudication schemes in the county.

Kilifi County Commissioner Joseph Keter said on Thursday while addressing Chonyi residents at Chonyi ACC office in Mwarakaya that the title deeds were ready but would be issued once a verification was done on the targeted schemes.

“We have ten adjudication schemes which the government will soon issue title deeds to the locals residing in them. The titles however will not be given out until a verification of the schemes is finalised by officers from the Land Registry offices in Nairobi,” he said.

He said ten officers would go to the schemes beginning next week to verify information concerning locals before the issuance exercise takes place.

“In those adjudication schemes, the titles are ready but the government cannot issue them because there are some cases of neighbours’ disagreements or disputes among people living together. In some schemes, the survey sheet does not indicate clearly the margins and borders of the land. That is why the officers will go to the ground and carry out verification of names, and all the other issue arising. Once they are through, then the locals will be issued with titles,” Mr Keter said.



The adjudication schemes targeted for the title deed issuance are Sosobora in Malindi, Kaya Dagamra, Kanagoni and Singwaya in Magarini, Chang’ombe and Mwawesa in Rabai and Mwahera A, B, C and Vitengeni in Ganze.

The County Commissioner dismissed the claim by Cord leader Raila Odinga in Kilifi on Tuesday that all title deeds that had been issued by the government were not genuine.

“That is a very unfortunate that a leader can come from his area and tell the people of Kilifi that the titles they are receiving from the government are not genuine yet they are the same documents used in home area. People should not be cheated by such leaders,” Mr Keter said.

He said the government had already issued title deeds to the four group ranches in Bamba in Ganze and the documents were with the ranches’ leaders.

“What the government is currently doing is to make sure that group registered members and those who are not members are listed so that they can get titles,” he said.

Gideon Mung’aro, the Member of Parliament for Kilifi North, said in an interview the government also started the process of issuing title deeds to residents of Kilodi in Matsangoni, Timboni in Watamu and Mweza Ng’ombe in Kilifi.


He said an adjudication process had been initiated by the government as one way of addressing landlessness in the region, brushing off Mr Odinga and Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi’s claim that the title deeds issued by the government were fake.

“The people of Kilifi must know that Raila has never appreciated any development program for the coastal people,” Mr Mung’aro said. “During the Kibaki regime, he took over the land docket. How many title deeds did he issue, whether fake or genuine? Now that the government has embarked on addressing the land issue he is back to the coast with a propaganda.”

The Kilifi North legislator told Mr Odinga to respect the people of Kilifi, whom he said the Cord leader had never helped at all.

“Every time we are heading towards elections, Raila has been coming to Kilifi with lies about the government’s undoing to the people. He should not speak for the residents. In fact the best he can do is to keep quiet and leave the Kilifi people to chat their way forward,” Mr Mung’aro said.

At a rally for voter registration sensitisation in Kilifi on Tuesday, Mr Odinga and Mr Kingi said the title deeds the government was issuing were fake and could not in any way be utilised by locals.