Kirinyaga Assembly adjourned as leadership row escalates

Thursday August 22 2019

Kirinyaga County Assembly Majority Leader Kamau Murango addressing journalists in Kerugoya on August 7, 2019 after 12 elected MCAs were ousted as heads of key House committees. The assembly was adjourned on August 21, 2019. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The troubled Kirinyaga County Assembly was adjourned on Wednesday four two weeks after it became ungovernable.

All the operations of the House committees were also suspended to give the warring ward representatives time to iron out their differences.

The move followed when the MCAs resolved that they go for a recess in a motion moved by the embattled Majority Leader Kamau Murango.


While moving the motion, Mr Murango said House business could not be conducted effectively due to mounting tension.

"Aware of the prevailing circumstances in the Assembly, I do now move a motion to adjourn the Assembly and committee sittings until September 4," he said.


Most of the MCAs voted in favour of the motion while those opposed to it walked out in protest.

The adjournment comes barely two days after the Kerugoya High Court reinstated all the 12 elected MCAS who had been voted out as chairmen of key committees. They were replaced by their nominated colleagues.

Soon after the adjournment, a group of ward representatives dismissed the move as illegal.

The ward representatives argued that there was no way both the Assembly can and committees can adjourn their sittings.


"All the operations of the House are paralysed and this is against the House standing orders. Mr Murango’s motion has a hidden agenda," said Wamumu Ward representative Baptista Kanga.

Those who walked out demanded for the dissolution of the Assembly saying it was not serving its legislative purpose.

"The Assembly should be dissolved so that we can seek fresh mandate from the people who elected us," added Mr Kanga.

Mutira ward representative David Kinyua Wangui noted that leadership wrangles have adversely affected the business of the House.