Holidaying pupils targeted for drug dealing, parents warned

Thursday November 07 2019

Children at the Lamu seafront on their way to school in this photo taken on November 6, 2015. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Parents in Lamu County and the entire Coast region must be on the lookout for drug dealers seeking to exploit their children especially during the long holidays, a child protection official has said.

Abdulaziz Sadiq, chairman of the Lamu County Child Protection Initiative, noted that some of the criminals use children as their agents since they are unlikely suspects.

He also warned parents about the defilement of their children, noting cases have been rampant in Lamu.


Mr Sadiq regretted that tens of defilement cases occur daily in the region but go unreported or unresolved by the courts because parents choose to stay silent.

“I am worried that this is the time many evils befall our children. Drug dealers are about to use our children as agents while defilers are looking for opportunities to prey on our children," he said.


"Parents must closely monitor their children’s behaviour and the people they associate with and guide them. Let’s encourage our sons and daughters to talk to us about their problems and make efforts to solve them."


Meanwhile, the county branch of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) has advised parents to ensure their children learn how to swim so as to prevent cases of drowning.

Chairman Abubakar Shekuwe noted that many school goes have been going to swim since the holidays began two weeks ago.

“Prevention is better than cure. There is a great need for every parent to keep an eye on children during such expeditions," he said.