Controversy reigns over chief’s appointment in Mandera

Thursday March 26 2020

Chiefs at a past function in Mandera. The appointment of Sarman Location chief in Mandera North has continued to cause tension. PHOTO | MANASE OTSIALO| NATION MEDIA GROUP


The appointment of Sarman Location chief has continued to cause tension in Mandera North, more than a half a year after the matter was taken to court.

A senior politician in Mandera has been fingered by residents for allegedly influencing the appointment of his relative to the position.

“It is known by everyone that an MP has defied court orders on this matter. The MP is forcibly imposing his cousin as the chief,” said Mr Abdiwab Omar.

The MP is further accused of, through proxies, settling his kinsmen in the location for political reasons.

Mr Omar Hussein Qurgalas, Mr Mohamed Abdishakur and Mr Mohamed Ibrahim are accused of working for the politician.



On August 30, 2019, Mr Abdinasir Mohamed and Mr Abdiwahab Mohamed filed a petition challenging the process of appointing Sarman Location chief.

The High Court issued interim orders stopping the appointment of any person as chief of the location pending the hearing and determination of the petition.

In a letter dated October 17, 2019, the two petitioners, through Mogire and Company Advocates, protested a move by Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Ali visiting the location fully dressed in a chief’s official attire.


They argued that this act was likely to cause clan clashes.

Following Mr Ali’s controversial appointment as chief, a fight ensued among Degodia sub-clans in Sarman.

At least 13 houses were burnt when the Gedinur sub-clan, who are the majority, turned against the minority Mahamud Jibrael sub-clan after it emerged that a local senior politician influenced the filling of the vacant position.

The Gedinur sub-clan wants one of their own to become the chief, arguing that they are the majority in the location.