Mandera MCAs pledge to support Punguza Mizigo bill

Saturday September 21 2019

Thirdway Alliance Party Leader Ekuru Aukot (left) with a section of Mandera ward representatives on September 21, 2019. PHOTO | MANASE OTSIALO | NATION MEDIA


Mandera ward representatives on Friday pledged to support the Thirdway Alliance Party sponsored Punguza Mizigo bill when it is tabled in the assembly.

The pledge came just a few hours after residents urged the MCAs to reject the bill that seeks to reduce constituencies across the country.

Led by their Deputy Speaker Farah Abdi Abdinooor, the local legislators said their engagement with Dr Ekuru Aukot had satisfied their curiosity.


“We had an informal sitting with Dr Aukot and together with his team they answered all the questions that lingered leaving us satisfied. We will follow the due process in doing what is expected of us,” said Mr Abdinoor.

The assembly’s Legal and Justice Committee Chairman Mohamed Ibrahim Yusuf assured the public that the MCAs will be objective in dealing with the bill.


“We are still receiving memorandums on the same and the due process will be followed including tabling of a report to the assembly on the same,” he said.

Rhamu MCA Kullow Alio Guyow said residents of Mandera will be well represented when deciding the fate of the bill.

“I want to assure the public that we shall discuss this bill objectively since it is destined for posterity,” he said while assuring the Dr Aukot’s team support.

On Friday during a public participation exercise, residents had urged MCAs to reject the bill as it sought to reduce representation.

“We cannot support what is reducing constituencies that are helping locals of Mandera. I urge our MCAs to reject the bill,” said Ms Alphon Dahir, a resident.

Mr Abdi Adan Ali, Leader of Majority at the Mandera County Assembly said the bill will only be endorsed if it protects devolution and guarantees more resources to the counties.

“We are interested in protection and improvement of devolution,” he said.

The bill seeks to amend the 2010 Constitution and reduce the public wage bill by cutting the number of elective seats.