Body dug out of grave in row over burial in Migori

Thursday July 23 2020

Locals exhumed the body of Mary Awino after her ex-husband produced court order seeking to have the body exhumed for burial. PHOTO | IAN BYRON | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Residents of Kakrao village in Suna East were treated to a bizarre scene on when a man arrived with a court order to exhume the body of his former wife. The two separated four years ago.

Mr John Odhiambo was accompanied by relatives of his former wife Mary Akinyi to the village.

Akinyi died in a road accident on the Migori-Sirare road last week.

It emerged that Mr Odhiambo had attempted to stop the burial arrangements but the woman’s new husband secretly took the body from Migori Hospital mortuary.

“I am taking my wife home. We had warned him against burying Akinyi since she left several children in Ulanda village,” Mr Odhiambo said.

He added that despite making several appeals to have the body, the second husband went ahead and bought a burial site.


Akinyi’s brother Christopher Arusa said the family sought an order to exhume the body “since we were never involved in her burial arrangements”.

“We only learnt of the plans from neighbours. Odhiambo and Akinyi had seven children,” Mr Arusa said.

The other “husband” took off on learning of the planned exhumation.

Kakrao locals milled at the homestead as the woman’s body was exhumed.