My unborn baby’s not kicking, woman held over Shabaab link says

Monday October 07 2019

The 8 suspects arrested in Mombasa overs link to Al-Shabaab terror group when they appeared in court on October 7, 2019. One of them, Said Hussein Chirumu, who is pregnant, says she is unable to feel the kicks of her unborn child following manhandling by detectives. PHOTO | BRIAN OCHARO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


An expectant woman whom police claim is a member of a terrorist group with a following in Somalia and Syria says she is unable to feel the kicks of her unborn child following manhandling by detectives.

Ms Said Hussein Chirumu was arrested on October 1 when officers from Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) and their counterparts from elite Recce Squad raided a house in Likoni and killed three suspected Al-Shabaab members.

Ms Chirumu, who is being held on suspicion of being a member of a terrorist group, and has been described as heavily pregnant, has claimed that she was assaulted and handled with excessive force during the arrest and now wants medical check up to determine the health status of her unborn child.


In an affidavit filed in court where she has denied involvement in terror activities, the woman has said she fears for the health status of her foetus, which has stopped kicking following manhandling by the detectives.

“I was assaulted and handled with excessive force and I am now unable to feel the kicks from my unborn child, an issue which is of great concern and requires urgent medical attention,” she said.


Ms Chirumu also want to be released over fears that her continued detention is likely to harm her and the foetus, arguing that as an expectant mother, she is required to visit clinics to manage the healthy growth of the unborn baby, services which she claims will be challenging to get while in detention.


The suspect is among seven others, including another pregnant woman, who were arrested following the raid on Dudus in Likoni, where assorted offensive weapons were recovered when three terror suspects were gunned down.

Those arrested and arraigned are Khamisi Ganzala, Bakari Chimbonja, Athuman Nyae, Kassim Mbaruk, Mwachupa, Mreje Pauline Ayumba and Mary Mumbua.

They have all filed affidavits denying involvement in terror or criminal activities as being alleged by the police.

The ATPU, through the Director of Public Prosecutions, want the suspects detained for another 30 days to enable them finalise investigations, which they have described as complex.


The notice of motion, which has been brought under a certificate of urgency, seeks to detain the eight suspected Al-Shabaab members for a month at the Port Police Station to allow the detectives gather evidence.

Relying on an affidavit filed by Constable Dickson Indaru, State Counsel Erick Masila told the court that the suspects are being investigated for the offence of possession of property for commission of a terrorist act, being Al-Shabaab member and harbouring of persons planning to carry out a terror attack.

“The intelligence report received showed the suspects were planning for a major attack within Mombasa central business district and were found in possession of assorted weapons of mass destruction,” Mr Masila said.


The prosecutor informed Mombasa Chief Magistrate Edna Nyaloti that detectives recovered 25 mobile phones and sim cards, which are yet to be forwarded to ATPU headquarters in Nairobi for forensic analysis.

Also, Mr Masila said the ongoing investigations are likely to lead to the recovery of more exhibits and arrests of more suspects, who were involved in the planning of the terror attack, which was targeting key government installations at the Coast.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that the suspects are members of a terrorist group with following in Somalia and Syria and we will require more time to follow on the leads,” he said.

According to the affidavit filed in court, a G3 rifle, a hand grenade, three kilogrammes of ammonium nitrate used in making explosives and hundreds of ammunition of different types were recovered.