Expect more floods in Nairobi, Kidero warns city residents

Monday May 02 2016

A blocked drain in South C Estate in Nairobi on May 1, 2016. Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has cautioned city residents to brace for more incidents of floods and destruction of property as heavy rains continue. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has cautioned residents to brace for more incidents of floods and destruction of property as heavy rains continue.

Through a statement, Dr Kidero said the aftermath of the heavy rains is likely to include traffic congestion, inconvenience to residents and sometimes injuries and fatalities.

“The steady rain that has been pounding the City for the last three days reached an all-time high of 80mm against an expected normal rainfall of 12mm.

“The City is likely to continue receiving more than average rainfall,” stated Dr Kidero.

Dr Kidero said encroachment and obstruction of riparian reserves, natural water courses and drainage way leaves and denial of access to drainage outfalls were some of the challenges facing the city, hampering effective operation of the drainage system and floods control.

“Indiscriminate disposal of solid waste consisting of excavated soils, construction debris and garbage onto water courses, road reserves and sewerage system [are] restricting the proper functioning of the system,” said Dr Kidero.



The governor said that unsupervised, poorly constructed and undersize storm water drainage infrastructure and the presence of water pipes, telecommunication cables and other services through drainage infrastructure were also to blame for the floods.

However, City Hall has pledged to continue to mobilise resources to reduce and mitigate the severity and impact of the floods.

On the improvement of drainage systems, the governor has urged residents to dispose of their solid waste responsibly as the county has waived the fees for minor domestic drainage clearing, improvement and maintenance works during this period.

“Nairobi residents and members of the public are urged to co-operate with the county and national government officials and their agencies to facilitate works to improve the drainage system,” said Dr Kidero.

City Hall has also urged all residents to take care of their front yards and ensure drainage infrastructure is free of debris.

Chief Officer of Roads and Transport Michael Ngari told the Nation by phone that property owners who previously would have to pay City Hall between Sh4,200 and Sh7,600 for minor domestic drainage clearing would now have the same work done for free.