I will repair defaced heroes’ statues in Nairobi, says Mutua

Tuesday June 25 2019

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua at the site of the Tom Mboya statue in Nairobi on June 25, 2019. He vowed to repair the statue and others depicting Kenya's heroes which he said are in a state of neglect. PHOTO | COURTESY


Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has vowed to personally repair and maintain the statues of Kenya’s heroes in Nairobi, including those of Tom Mboya and Dedan Kimathi, saying they have been neglected.

Speaking on Tuesday when he toured the sites of the statues in the city, Dr Mutua said he will do so for as long as it takes or until those concerned “wake up from their slumber”.

Dr Mutua decried the poor condition of the statues, saying their state of neglect stems from leaders being focused on self-enrichment and acquisition of power rather than offering service.


“I am disgusted by the shameful state of neglect and disrepair of the statues. I am actually affected by their state because I participated actively in the policy for their construction, with Ambassador Francis Muthaura, when I served as government spokesperson,” said Dr Mutua.

He added that the disrepair and neglect is an example of what happens when, instead of concentrating on serving wananchi, leaders are involved in propaganda campaigns and political activities in search for higher office.


“They are more concerned with elections three years away than the state of our youth, women and government services. This is akin to a child being sickly, starving, with a dirty diaper in an uncomfortable environment and instead of the parents tending to the child, they are busy campaigning and agitating for a bigger house,” he said.


He said there is need for change come 2022 since the current leaders are busy clamouring for positions of power but are unable to address issues that affect Kenyans at the moment.

“We have to reject such leadership as Kenyans deserve better,” said the Maendeleo Chap Chap party leader.

The Machakos governor noted that in Kenya and other developing nations, there is the tendency to build and forget, which is indicative of the state of mind, acculturation and state of civilisation of its people.


“You can wear a suit but if your environment is dirty, you are fake and also dirty. The neglect you see in buildings, airports and parks is indicative of the neglect in the provision of services and quality of work. That is what makes us a poor nation,” he said.

He cited his county where he said he ensures that all government areas, statues, parks, stadiums and offices are well taken care off and maintained to the same standards they were when constructed, if not better.

“We do not expect President Uhuru Kenyatta to personally visit, clean and repair the statues. His people are letting him down and heads should roll. This is an embarrassment to the president Uhuru and his government,” said Dr Mutua.