Parliament police woman found murdered in her Umoja house

Saturday May 25 2019

A police woman who was based at Parliament Police Station was on Friday found dead in her house in Umoja estate.

Police said Constable Hellen Kwamboka failed to turn up for work on Friday morning, after leaving at 7pm the previous day, so a search was mounted.

They broke into her house only to find her body in a pool of blood, with a deep cut in the head.

There were blood stains all over the house, they said.

Police further said that marks around the victim's neck showed she may have been strangled.



Officers including the Buruburu Divisional Criminal Investigation Officer and some from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations visited the scene.

A police report at that station stated that the door to Ms Kwamboka's house had been locked from the inside.

“When the officers found the house locked from the inside, they suspected something was [amiss]," the report stated.

"No murder weapon was found at the scene ... it is believed a boyfriend who visited her on Thursday murdered her and then escaped."

Police said Constable Kwamboka’s phone was missing and that it was likely “stolen and switched off.”

They took the body to Chiromo Mortuary and launched a search for the boyfriend.