Covid-19: Nakuru children’s homes appeal for financial aid

Tuesday May 12 2020

Hindu Religious and Service Centre members in Nakuru Jayram Ankal (left), Divya Shah (second left) and Rani Ramachandani (right) hand over sanitisers to Lindy Kisaka the caretaker of Quality Kids Children Home in Kiamunyi on May 10, 2020. PHOTO | FRANCIS MUREITHI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


As the effects of coronavirus pandemic continue to take toll on Kenyans, children’s homes in Nakuru County are now appealing for financial assistance to enable them feed hundreds of children in the institutions.

Some of the homes say they can no longer feed and take care of hundreds of orphaned children due to lack of funds.

Some of the homes said local and foreign donors have withheld their support due to restriction of movement, while donor countries have been hard hit by Covid-19.

Ms Lindy Kisaka, the caretaker of Quality Kids Children’s Home in Kiamunyi area on the outskirts of Nakuru town, said that the home, which has 43 children, has been forced to operate on a shoestring budget.

“We pay Sh27,000 rent per month and if the situation continues like this, sooner or later we shall neither be able to pay the rent nor feed these children,” said Ms  Kisaka.

The covid-19 pandemic, Ms Kisaka said, has led to delays in payment of utility bills such as water, electricity as well as staff salaries since the homes heavily rely on donations from well-wishers to stay afloat.


“This financial crisis has led to delays in buying foodstuffs, payment of utility bills and salaries for our staff. If it goes unchecked, we might have a serious crisis,” said Ms Kisaka on Sunday when she received foodstuffs, face masks and hand sanitisers from the Hindu Religious and Service Centre.

“On behalf of the Hindu community in Nakuru, we have decided to help this home in line with our philosophy of service to humankind and we shall continue to help such homes in Nakuru County,” said Mr Jayesh Shah who is the President of Rotary Club of Nakuru.

He announced that the Hindu community had donated more than 3,000 face masks, foodstuffs, fumigated police cells, vehicles and prisons to help contain the pandemic.

Ms Kisaka thanked the Hindu community for the donations. She, however, said that donations had dwindled since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in Kenya in March.

She said that the virus had greatly affected normal operations of children’s homes in Nakuru.

“In view of the foregoing, we request the national and county governments to give financial support to children homes in Nakuru County,” she said.