Nakuru MCAs pass motion compelling firms to insure staff

Thursday September 19 2019
Nakuru pic

Subukia MCA Mary Wanjiru Waiganjo speaks on July 30, 2019 at Nakuru Assembly. She sponsored a motion seeking to compel firms to pay insurance cover for their employees. PHOTO | FILE | FRANCIS MUREITHI | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Nakuru County Assembly has passed a motion that will compel all companies operating in the devolved unit to pay insurance cover for their employees.

Subsequently no private companies in Nakuru will be issued with operating licences if their employees have no life insurance cover.


During the debate on Wednesday, the ward reps said many firms had flouted the law and exposed their employees to danger while on duty. 

The mover of the motion Subukia MCA Mary Waiganjo said some companies had not complied with the provision of the law on safety, leading to accidents which in some instances have caused permanent disability.

She said victims of the accidents are not compensated by the firms due to lack of group Life Insurance cover.


Ms Waiganjo said that many firms were exploiting casual labourers and when they have accidents they are not compensated.

“Many flowers firms in Naivasha, Rongai, Subukia and Bahati have not registered their employees for insurance cover. Some suffer body injuries and are not compensated,” said Ms Waiganjo.

She said most of the affected victims are in the age bracket of 18 – 35 and in their most productive years.


Ms Waiganjo said that those who work in stores were also suffering as they inhaled harmful chemicals on a daily basis.

“Some pregnant mothers have suffered miscarriages due to inhaling harmful chemicals but are not compensated,” said Ms Waiganjo.

On his part MCA Gathariki Kamanu said a number of flower farm workers in Naivasha were the hardest hit.

“This motion will ensure our workers health is well taken care of because some have been involved in accidents and after that they are dismissed without any compensation,” he said.

He said many workers are bed ridden and others are dying a slow death due to inhaling of harmful chemicals.


Mr Gathariki said a number of companies have not been compensating their workers when they are involved in work related accidents.

“Our workers must not suffer after retirement because they need to enjoy their retirement after putting many years of their productive life serving their employer,” he added.

Kiptororo Ward MCA Kibet Kurgat said that it was unfortunate that the devolved unit has not registered all the flower firms operating in the county.

“We are losing young people at their prime age and this is ruining their lives while at the same time these firms are discharging their waste into rivers which are used by human beings and livestock,” said Mr Kurgat.