Naivasha police hunt for robbery suspect set free ‘by mistake’

Wednesday June 24 2020

Naivasha GK Prison. Police in Naivasha have launched a manhunt for a robbery with violence suspect, said to be a hardcore criminal, who escaped from custody after using a false name to gain freedom. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Investigators in Naivasha are hunting down a notorious criminal who recently secured release through falsification of names. 

The suspect, Peter Kamau Ngige, had been arrested for a robbery with violence offence but was mistakenly released through a court process.

He shared a similar name with another inmate arrested for a liquor-related offence.

During the court process he posed as the liquor suspect, earning his freedom with prison officers seemingly unaware of his cunningness. 


“During the video conferencing process the robbery with violence suspect posed as the illicit liquor remandee, deceitfully gaining his freedom after he was set free,” said our source.


Naivasha Sub-County Police Commander Samuel Waweru confirmed the disappearance of the hard-core criminal, adding that they are looking for him.

“We have officers trailing him and we hope to arrest the suspect soon,” he told the Nation Wednesday.

The suspect had a pending court case, with the ruling set on June 27, 2020 but took advantage of similarities in names to secure his freedom.


An investigator at the heart of the probe described the suspect as serial criminal, linked to a series of highway robberies especially in 2018.

“Before we managed to arrest him, he had hijacked a Nairobi-bound matatu and robbed commuters at gun point,” said the investigator.

He was cornered by the police after a phone stolen from one of the suspects was traced.

The buyer, according to a police report, assisted in tracing the suspect who had sold the phone.

Mr Waweru described the suspect as notorious, having managed to evade police dragnets on several occasions before he was finally arrested.