Woman accused by family of having Covid-19 kills herself

Friday March 20 2020

A woman in Samburu killed herself after her family accused her of suffering from the new coronavirus. AFP PHOTO


A woman in Samburu has committed suicide after her family allegedly accused her of suffering from the deadly Covid-19.

Samburu County Health minister Stephen Lekupe said the 35-year-old woman had earlier been treated for high fever and tonsillitis.

Her close family allegedly accused her of contracting the virus, because she had some symptoms similar to those of Covid-19.

She left her house around 4am Friday and her body was found later in the day floating in River Nkare Narok.

Mr Lekupe said the victim went to Sirata Health Centre were she was treated and released.

“On her way home, some of her relatives convinced her that she had contracted coronavirus," Mr Lekupe said.


Following the incident, Health official warned the public against scaremongering.

"We have not recorded any coronavirus case in Samburu, let us stop speculations, he said. "It is unfortunate that she was stigmatised."