Gem MP: Midiwo threatened to chop off my head

Saturday May 30 2020

Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo at a past event. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The row between Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo and his predecessor Jakoyo Midiwo is turning murkier by the day. 

Mr Odhiambo alleges that Mr Midiwo had threatened to chop off his head in a telephone conversation with one of his supporters.

Mr Midiwo says the claims have been taken out of context to tarnish his reputation.

The legislator argues that Mr Midiwo threatened to cut him into pieces if he dared set foot in South Gem.


In an audio recording, the former legislator is heard daring Mr Odhiambo to set foot in the area to which he will not leave alive.


He says in the audio in Dholuo "Luong Elisha obi ka sani sani to kaponi obiro to abiro ton'ge matindo tindo nikech okatugi" (Invite Elisha here this minute and I'll cut him into pieces and I mean it because I am serious," Mr Midiwo is heard saying.

When contacted, the former MP said he meant that if Mr Odhiambo was using goons to hunt down his supporters, then he would not hesitate to use the same approach.

“The MP, through his supporter, hired goons to hunt down youths perceived to be my supporters including my cousin. I can't sit back and watch as he harasses my people. Dawa ya moto ni moto," he said on phone when reached for comment.

But reacting to the sentiments by Mr Midiwo, Mr Odhiambo told Nation that he had no issue with his predecessor.  

"I will ask the church fraternity in Gem to pray for Jakoyo. He needs the touch of God and spiritual intervention. Mine lies in the power of forgiveness because he may not be in his proper sense," the MP said.


Police in Siaya are investigating claims by a local banker that his life is in danger after he allegedly received threatening phone calls from a politician.

The complainant, Kevin Ajinja, made a report at Akala Police Station under OB number 20/26/5/2020 claiming former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo threatened his life on Tuesday.

"He said I will pay for dragging his name and associating him with a group of youth who unleashed terror on perceived opponents of the former MP," Mr Ajinja said in the police report.

Police are also investigating claims that the threat is linked to another attack on the banker's family by people allegedly associated with Mr Midiwo.

On Monday night, unknown people attacked Mr Ajinja’s family at their Ndiru home. They lit fire in the compound and broke window panes.

Following the attack, Tobias Ajinja, the banker's father, filed a report at the same police station under OB number 11/26/05/2020.

Neighbors repulsed the attackers, one of whom locals claimed is a staunch supporter of the former MP.

The Monday attack happened a few hours after Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo met a group of miners at the same home.


"I visited the home on Monday and held a meeting with the miners, but the agenda was not political," MP Odhiambo said.

During the meeting, the gold miners requested the MP to help them get back their equipment which were seized by police on April 8. 

Mr Ajinja said he believes his family was attacked because of the MP’s visit.

"My family was attacked because of the MP's visit and we believe it was politically instigated by the opponent of the legislator, " Mr Ajinja said.

Siaya police boss Francis Kooli said police are investigating the two incidents.

"If you speak to both the current and former MP, you will realise that the conflicts border on political supremacy battles but as law enforcement agencies we will stick to our mandate of enforcing law and order at all times," Mr Kooli said

Mr Midiwo did not respond to a message seeking his comment.

But in an interview with a local radio station, Mr Midiwo said he made a call to the banker as claimed but his intention was to ask him to stop dragging his name into criminal accusations in the constituency.

He also distanced himself from the controversial youth group.