Police seize 400 bags of contraband sugar in Wajir

Friday August 24 2018

Contraband sugar confiscated by police officers in Eastleigh, Nairobi, on July 3, 2018. Police in Kwale seized 104 bags of illegal brown sugar from Zanzibar on August 29, 2018. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Police have impounded a consignment of illegal sugar in Wajir County.

County Commissioner Loyford Kibaara said two lorries carrying 400 bags of sugar were impounded in Habaswein on Friday.

"Earlier today we managed to impound two lorries which were transporting contraband sugar in Habaswein," he said.

Mr Kibaara said the drivers, Hassan Osman Shekow and Mohamed Mahad Fara, are in police custody awaiting trial.

The seizure comes two days after three lorries carrying 36 tons of illegal sugar were impounded in Qahira, several kilometres from Wajir Town.



The drivers have since been charged at Wajir Law Courts while the owners of the vehicles were given 14 days to explain why their lorries should not be confiscated by the government.

Mr Kibaara vowed to continue the crackdown on illegal goods.

The county is among the main transit routes used by smugglers.

Sugar, cooking oil and milk are the mains goods smuggled into the country from Somalia.