SHOWBUZZ: Films board disturbed by Akothee's performance


What you need to know:

  • Kenya Film and Classification Board boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua is set to take drastic measures in a bid to curb over sexualised content following Akothee’s raunchy performance during a recent show in Watamu.
  • Mutua said KFCB will be forced to work with relevant authorities to ensure such shows are regulated and, if need be, the board will not hesitate to ban them.

The drama involving coast-based musician Akothee’s raunchy performance during a recent show in Watamu, has boiled down to Kenya Film and Classification Board boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua taking drastic measures in a bid to curb over sexualised content.

In a statement, Mutua said the board had received complaints from the members of the public on the current wave of over-sexualised content and stage performances in public places.

He went on to note that the board has examined numerous artistes and performers and found that some of their performances are offensive, unpalatable, inappropriate, and contravene the law.

“The board is disturbed at the extent to which some famous artistes are going to, to attract audiences and relevance, by exposing their private parts in public, gyrating in obscene ways and failure to uphold common decency in their public performances,” noted Mutua.

As such, going forward, Mutua said KFCB will be forced to work with relevant authorities to ensure such shows are regulated and, if need be, the board will not hesitate to ban them.

Comedian Njugush. PHOTO| COURTESY

Njugush didn't propose to his wife

Comedian Njugush has revealed that he wedded his wife Celestine Ndunda aka ‘Wakavinye’ without proposing to her.

Njugush, who has scaled the ranks of fame, and along the journey stayed on course with his only sweetheart who stood by him, explained why he never got to propose. In an up-close television interview, Wakavinye recalled Njugush’s weird proposal to her.

“He asked me whether we could have our wedding on December or August; that was his proposal,” she said.

Njugush went on to explain why he felt proposing to Wakavinye, whom he had been together with for a few years then, wasn’t necessary. He said that at that time he was famous but wasn’t making the money to match it.

“I was asking that because, you have been cohabiting with this person to an extent that you get to discuss what kind of seats you will want for your wedding, cars, wedding gown and suit. I knew she already knew we were getting married, because we had even decided to tell our parents that,” Njugush explained.

US actor Justin 'Jussie' Smollett poses for a photograph at the world premiere of "Alien: Covenant" in London on May 4, 2017. PHOTO | FILE | AFP

Why ‘Empire’ actor’s career could crumble

“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett could be jailed for three years for lying to the police. The actor had recorded a statement a statement a few weeks ago claiming to have been attacked.

Smollett was on Thursday arrested and charged with lying to police after he claimed to have been attacked and beaten up by two masked men, while they shouted racist and homophobic slurs in Chicago.

The 36-year-old caused an online uproar when he told the police late last month that two ardent supporters of President Donald Trump attacked him, putting a noose around his neck and later poured a bleaching agent on him.

However, after investigations, Smollett’s claims in the statement he had recorded with the Chicago Police were found to be untrue.

According to The Guardian, Smollett is said to have handed himself to the police Thursday morning and, later in the day, he was taken to court where he was charged with felony disorderly conduct.

If found guilty, the charge could bring up a three-year prison jail term and Smollett could also be compelled to pay for the cost of the investigations into his report, which the authorities established that he had fabricated the entire scenario.

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8. PHOTO| COURTESY

Size 8: DJ Mo hasn't cheated

Gospel musician Size 8 Reborn has dismissed reports claiming that her husband DJ Mo is a cheat. Sometime last year, rumours within the gospel circles emerged claiming that the singer walked out of their matrimonial home after she found out that he was cheating on her.

The claims were almost made believable when DJ Mo later appeared in an interview and opened up on their marriage up and downs, stating that there was a time his wife disappeared from their home for about a week after an argument. DJ Mo explained that it was a normal disagreement between a couple even though people read a bit more from it.

Recently, in an interview with radio host Masawe Jappani, Mama Wambo, as Size 8 Reborn prefers to be called lately, maintained that her husband of five years has been nothing but faithful to their marriage.

"Those are just rumours and they will always be there. But that doesn’t mean our marriage is perfect. We argue like any other couple would, but at the end of the day we sit, talk and see how best to handle the situation at hand,” she reacted when put to task to explain the cheating claims.

Grand theft at Grand Pa

Grand Pa Records CEO Refigah was left counting huge losses after thugs broke into his studio. The Tuesday night break-in happened at Olympic estate, and left the premises wiped clean.

According to Refigah, the studio equipment was valued at Sh1.5 million. The thieves, who must have had a good idea of the premise, broke a humongous steel padlock of the main gate and gained access to the front door of the studio, where they also cut down a set of sophisticated locks without triggering an alarm.

Refigah said he received a call from the producer who was reporting to work as usual on Wednesday morning.

“They stole the mixer, sound card, compressor, three sets of recording microphones, sound systems and two monitors,” a disgruntled Refigah narrated. They had relocated the studio to Olympic estate four years ago from Kibera Plaza.

“We suspect this could be an inside job because this has never happened since we moved here,” he added.

Supporting his claims, the former rapper argued that the thieves, hit the premise, just a day the installation of CCTV Cameras in the studio was set to begin. They reported at Kilimani Police Station.