JUST BRENDA: I'm 24 and I'm in love with a teen. Help!

Saturday April 21 2018

She told me that she is 17 years old. I am 24 years old. I love her, but should I continue being in this relationship? PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH

Hi Brenda,

I had met a girl in December last year and we exchanged contacts. I asked her several times if we could meet up but she would turn down my requests, saying that her mother was strict and it was impossible for her to leave home.

We continued keeping in touch and with time she finally fell in love with me.

You can imagine being in love with a girl whom you haven't met physically for one and a half months.

Surprisingly, we were in the same county living just some few kilometres away from each other. Whenever I planned to meet her, either of these two things would happen: her phone would be off, or her aunt or friend would receive the call and tell me she wasn't around. She would later apologise.

But two months after we first met, she called me and said she was in town and wanted to meet me. I was surprised but I went anyway.


As we talked, she told me that she is 17 years old. I am 24 years old. I love her but should I continue being in this relationship? What should I do? She is a small girl, but despite this I still love her.


Please find someone closer to your own age. This girl is in high school.

You obviously know more than her and it is a bit strange that you are intent on pursuing this relationship.

You can be tried by law for defiling a minor. There are other girls you can fall in love with, since you appear to do it quite easily.

If it is really love, then I am sure you can wait a bit until she finishes school and at least gets into campus and experiences the world a bit before giving the best years of her life to you.

How will you explain this to her parents, her aunts? Even you know she is a small girl, as you have said. Find a big one.


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