JUST BRENDA: My girlfriend is fat

Friday June 05 2020

My girlfriend is fat and she won't do anything about it. PHOTO| FILE


Hi Brenda,

My girlfriend is fat. There is no other way to say it. I have done those things that people say you should do to encourage her, but she lacks discipline. Her health is important to me because I want to be with her for a long time and I don’t want her to die and leave me alone because of sijui diabetes. What do I do?

 Dear Critical Kevin,

I mean, I appreciate your honesty but I am sure she might not, especially if you put it like that. No one likes to be told they’re fat or overweight or unhealthy. Though it sounds like you do care about her, even in the midst of the selfish I don’t want her to leave me alone, you might have to let her go on her own journey without you.

You say you’ve done all the things that someone is supposed to do – I assume that means exercise with her or get a couple’ gym subscription (which is now walking around outside because of Corona)? Going to see a dietician?

Had a serious conversation about your concerns where you are honest but not mean, with offering solid solutions? All that stuff? You can only push a person so much, to be honest – if they don’t believe in their health journey, you can’t make them.


I hope you didn’t start dating her when she was a bit rounder and thought you could change her, because that is where you waste your good time. Let her have her sugar. She’ll come around when she decides to – no pun intended.