When it’s time to quit a job and start afresh

Sunday June 28 2020
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Wishing your workplace was perfect can turn into an excuse for doing nothing. ILLUSTRATION | IGAH | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Is your job boring? Then it’s time to re-think your career!

Because nothing is ever ideal. Wishing your workplace was perfect can turn into an excuse for doing nothing. So start by looking for opportunities to add to your role.

It will make you more valuable and add enjoyment to your day. Think too how you could help others in your organisation, and how you could improve yourself. The right skills are always in demand, so you should fund some training even if your employer won’t.

And do you have abilities that you really enjoy using? That you’d even do for free if you had to? Or maybe you have a useful expertise, like writing really well, or being a superstar at spreadsheets?


Then find work that involves doing the things you really enjoy. You’ll be much happier, and doing what you genuinely enjoy will make you much more successful. Because as you do more of it you will gradually become one of the best. And the best people in every field always make good money.


Or maybe you could move into an evolving trend, and create a ‘portfolio career’ for yourself. That means building a mix of several activities — freelancing, contracting, consulting or training as a self-employed specialist, for example.

Plus maybe some part time employment in several organisations. Earning your living from several occupations will make you much more secure because you’re no longer dependent on a single organisation. And you can use skills that aren’t relevant in your present job.

Try working from home for some of these ventures — no overheads or commuting! And marketing your work globally, over the internet. Then you’ll be even more secure as you’re no longer dependent on the local economy.


Don’t worry about lacking the business skills to be self-employed. Enjoying what you’re doing is far more important. And you can pick up business skills very quickly, through short courses, for example.

So be willing to take a risk, commit to your ideas, and then don’t give up. There’s far more to lose by staying put. Hesitation just means someone else gets there first. And almost without exception, people who enjoy what they do lead very happy lives.

They often also live simply. Driven by their work rather than possessions. And they approach every day as if it was the most important moment in their lives. So aim to do your best in everything you do.

Making the odd mistake is fine. Aiming for second best isn’t. So be focused, alert and aware, and instead of reacting to events, you’ll find that your whole life has become challenging and exciting.

Above all, think deeply about yourself and don’t just hope something will turn up. Decide what really drives you and work hard at it.

It’s much easier to be successful and happy than you think. In fact it’s a conscious choice. So make it. You’ll be glad you did.

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