The psychology of a man who kisses and tells

Saturday May 23 2020

Beware of the man who treats his sex life as a joke. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


This week, blogger Edgar Obare ousted a group of Kenyan men who allegedly have been painting Nairobi red.

According to the WhatsApp screenshots unleashed, the 10 men, who include a local radio personality, document and share their endless sexual conquests online.

They even have a grading system to recognise the man who shares the most details. It's was a messy week online with women in the photos coming out to deny that they were involved with these men, others even threatening legal action; I'm not certain against who.

It's amazing how men can run such a racket in 2020 and still get away with it. But I am more concerned with the women who fall for them and their dirty tricks.

The damage a scandal like this causes can take years to recover from. Ladies, there are telltale signs of this kind of man and you will be warned to keep off if you can't handle the leaks and the degradation that comes with it.



A man that sets up a WhatsApp group with his friends to share his 'numbers' is a man who knows very little about women and their desires.

He knows too little to believe that the more lovers he's had, the better a lover he is.

We know that one doesn't naturally lead to the other, so if a man takes you on a date and is quick to let you know how high his body count is, run.

Be especially suspicious if the number he gives always end with a zero. How convenient, huh?

It's the era of the buff man. Every other man you brush shoulders with will be standing tall with broad shoulders and bulging arms.

Not so much can be said about emotional maturity of this man. There are many men out there who grew up, got jobs and even started families but never figured out how to express or even deal with their emotions.

If he isn't emotionally mature, then he might believe that bragging about his intimacy with you will make him seem desirable or accomplished.

Of course, the only thing his stories will show is that he's good at getting people to sleep with him. If he doesn't have a handle on his emotions, steer clear of him.


Beware of the man who treats his sex life as a joke. If he is in the habit of spilling things about his sex life to make people laugh, you can be sure that he will give details of things you do together to validate his claims.

Entertain him and who knows, your photos and WhatsApp chats could be what's trending next.

Sadly, there are many other men out there like these who will kiss and quickly tell. There isn't anything that we can do about it other than watch out for signs at the beginning.

Is he too happy to send you his intimate photos? He will not hesitate to share yours. Does he respect his sex life? No? Neither will he respect yours.

Is he hang up on the body count? If he is, he will be eager to add you on the list and to brag about it.

And if it has happened, if you trusted a man and he broke your trust by sharing intimate details about your relations, this speaks about his lack of character, not yours.