CELEB BUZZ: Why Vera Sidika and Otile Brown’s break-up is bad for their careers

Friday November 02 2018

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown. PHOTO | COURTESY


Otile Brown and Vera Sidika broke up again and this time it looks like it’s really the end. Look closely and you might see the credits rolling.

The two traded online blows and caused popcorn sales to skyrocket as everyone grabbed the popular white snack while they watched the drama unfold.


No hurtful word was left unused. It was a no-disqualification brawl that turned out to be more entertaining than a Stone Cold versus Undertaker match during the glory days of wrestling.

WhatsApp screenshots were posted, old M-Pesa messages were excavated, videos were recorded and we also got to learn that Otile Brown’s real name is Jacob Obunga. Wow!

Vera accused Otile of being a parasite who enjoyed siphoning money out of her precious accounts and leaving her dry. One of the M-Pesa messages even showed Vera’s balance as Sh882.44 after sending money to Mr. Brown. The mighty Vera left with only 800 bob?


Otile, on the other hand, accused Vera of being a callous, unappreciative psychopath who was playing the victim and trying to tarnish his immaculate name.

In the comment sections of their posts, a civil war broke out among fans that had overseen the relationship with discerning eyes for months and analysed it with awe-inspiring fluidity.

They were hurling insults at each other as they argued who was the oppressor and who was the oppressed.


In the end, Vera was the winner since Otile couldn’t keep up with her excessive posts.

His major disadvantage was his poor grasp of English. Each time he tries to state his case on social media, Otile’s posts are always littered with grammatical mistakes and misuse of phrases.

The excuse is that he is from the coast and he grew up speaking Swahili only. Well. Vera grew up on the coast too and her English is excellent.   

Despite who won the argument, the break-up will be costly for them both. Vera and Otile are like a tortoise and its shell. They need each other. The break-up will damage Otile’s career as a singer and Vera’s career as a…what is that she does again?

Before the relationship started, most of us weren’t paying any attention to Vera. Her glory days as a tabloid darling were long gone. Her bleaching and plastic surgery were ancient, irrelevant stories.

The only thing going for her was her social media presence. Her only claim to relevance came via her photos in which she showcased her excursions into picturesque foreign lands and flaunted her enchanting, bewitching and nubile body parts.

The relationship breathed new life into her. First, it cleansed her image, making people forget that she was once a wild, reprobate girl. Everyone would come to see her as an icon of commitment and true love.

Then it made her a news staple. Once again, she was also able to experience the ebullience of being in blog headlines every two days or so. Now that it’s all over, what’s left to write about Vera?

As for Otile, he was just a well-dressed upcoming artiste before luck intervened. He met Veronica and he was quickly hoisted to A-list status. All his dreams that had previously looked unfeasible were now a reality.

He was a love song composer in a fairy tale love story. Jacob Obunga had it all. What more could he want? The answer is Sh500,000, and it has now cost him his love life and probably his career.

The problem with Otile’s music is that his style isn’t original. He sounds too much like a couple of Bongo artistes. It’s like when a Kenyan tries to sound Jamaican. Hello Redsan?

At this point, we have no incentive to listen to a Vera-less Otile when we can just get the same sound he provides from its real creators back in Magufuliland.


They say the greatest love stories always end in tragedy. History has in fact proven this. Romeo and Juliet, crime partners Bonnie and Clyde, Lancelot and King Arthur’s wife Guinevere, Roman general Antony and female Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra, Greek lovebirds Orpheus and Eurydice. These couples were the true definition of love but it didn’t end well.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika have had the most talked about love story this year. Sadly, it has ended in tragedy too, albeit mild. Maybe they will get back together. Maybe they won’t.

If things stay the way they are, their individual careers will most definitely take a major dent.

As the audience to this drama, we have nothing to lose. Another interesting couple will definitely emerge and make us forget Vera and Otile.


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