HOTSPOT REVIEW: Local twist on familiar food at Nyama Mama

Thursday March 23 2017

The exterior seating are at Nyama Mama Delta. PHOTO| ABIGAIL ARUNGA


The most recently opened Nyama Mama branch at Delta is lovely for several reasons: you don’t have to pay for parking, and it is directly accessible by matatu; the menu is extensive and innovative, trying to offer a local twist on familiar food, such as ugali fries, a matoke burger and a chai mandazi ice-cream sandwich (don’t knock it till you try it!); and the service is prompt and conscientious. This joint is promising to give Urban Eatery right next door an easy run for its money!


A thirst quenching cocktail at Nyama Mama. PHOTO| ABIGAIL ARUNGA

But for me, what tops all of the above, is the beautiful décor, that looks like something my future house will aspire to: leso and Ankara covered settees placed next to towering wood bookshelves lit by gorgeous semi-industrial lighting, puffy pillows and old school chairs that complement the little knick knacks strewn across the establishment by a designer who obviously is attuned to bringing back a typical Kenyan childhood – complete with brightly coloured pewter mugs, but thankfully, sans the knitted sofa throws our mothers were so fond of.


Chocolate chip pancakes from the breakfast menu chock-full of sweetness. PHOTO| ABIGAIL ARUNGA

Everything, as soon as you walk in and see the old-school telephone at the hostess’ stand, is almost instantly Instagrammable – including the ankara-covered slim folder that your cheque will come in.

Go and check it out if you are looking for a tasty brunch, a late-night snack or a place to hang out and have something cool and inexpensive to drink as you wait for traffic to go by.