THE DISH: A delectable whisky experience

Tuesday June 23 2020

The tround of the new Glenfiddich whisky bottle. PHOTO| ABIGAIL ARUNGA


Glenfiddich whisky recently launched a brand new bottle design, the first of its kind in over 50 years. The online launch was heralded by influencers and partakers alike – but influencers got to taste one of mobile bar Revolver’s delightful cocktails in conjunction with the launch, known as a Speyside Sandcastle: Glenfiddich 12 Year, Cherry Liqueur, Sweet Vermouth and passion fruit juice. It was as delectable as it sounds. Welcome to the digital world, everyone, where drinking during the day at an online event is perfectly acceptable! The fine bottle, with a now more pronounced tround (I didn’t know what this was either, until Mulunda Kombo, their brand ambassador, explained that it was a combination of a circular and triangular shape – convenient for storing it under the bed so it wouldn’t roll out unannounced). Here’s everything you need to know about Glenfiddich, new bottle or not:

  1. Glen means valley, and Fiddich is deer – and so the name of the whisky literally translates to the valley of the deer.
  2. How to pronounce it, you ask? Glen – fidick. There is no ch. Or any other sound attached to the end.
  3. The price of the whisky will not change, but the bottle is already being circulated, of course.
  4. Glenfiddich whisky is distilled in the highlands of Scotland, and you should probably go visit the factory someday. For documentation’s sake, of course.
  5. ‘Slàinte mhath’ is the common toast used in Scotland where whisky is concerned, and it sounds nothing like how its spelt – I would advise you go online, or get a true Scotsman, to guide you along the lines of this pirate-like pronunciation.
  6. They key to a wee dram (small tot) of whisky is to enjoy it, of course – but if you want to sound a bit fancy, weigh out the nose, taste, finish – what aromas you pick up when you swirl it around, what it tastes like to confirm what you thought you sensed and how smoothly it goes down (and how long it stays pleasantly at the back of your throat going down). I like a good whisky and I confirm that this bit is the best part.