ACK clergy boycott UK forum over presence of gay leaders

Wednesday March 18 2020

Anglican Church of Kenya Arch Bishop Jackson ole Sapit speaking in Homa Bay on December 1, 2019. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Some Anglican clergy from Kenya have boycotted the Lambeth Conference in the UK protesting the presence of gay senior church leaders.

Anglican Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit says the Church is opposed to homosexuality.

“We are having the Lambeth Conference in the West this year, but some of us have boycotted because of the invitation of practising gay bishops. We can’t be mixed,” he told worshippers yesterday during the consecration of Kerugoya St Thomas Anglican Cathedral in Kirinyaga County.


The conference is usually held after 10 years to discuss theological and social issues that affect the Anglican communion worldwide.

Issues such as ordination of women as priests, gay relationships and corruption, which divide the Church, feature prominently in the conference that attracts Anglican bishops globally.


The Archbishop, who spoke about gay marriages, declared that they would not be allowed in the Church.

He noted that secularism and liberalism have affected the church in a big way especially in the West, and the Church must be able to defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ without fear.

“We must adhere to the teaching of God and reject what is unholy,” he added.

He stressed that the Church was against practices which are evil and was even ready to cut links with priests from the West who advocate homosexuality.

The Archbishop vowed that the Church would remain strong and united despite the many challenges facing it.

He reiterated that the holy teachings of the Church will not be compromised.

"The teachings of the Church are very clear and straight. We are against gay marriages and relationships," he told the congregation.

He noted that Churches from the West had become liberal and were allowing homosexuality which, he said, was unGodly.

The Archbishop underscored the need for the Church to embrace righteousness to attract God's blessings.

He explained that the Cathedral will be used for wholesome evangelism and told priests to brace themselves for tough work.

"We want the Gospel to reach every part of Kirinyaga Diocese and beyond. We must serve humanity for us to please God," he said.


He also called on the government to control locusts which have invaded 11 counties.

The spiritual leader observed that the insects were a threat to food security and should be eradicated at whatever cost.

Deputy President William Ruto attended the ceremony and told Kenyans to pray for the family of the late retired President Daniel Moi during this trying moment.

"We should seek divine intervention for the family of the late Moi. The family is grieving and much prayers are needed," he said.

The Deputy President told political leaders to bury their political differences and back President Uhuru Kenyatta's political agenda.

He said that for the country to realise economic growth, leaders must support the Head of State.