Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea delegates meet over border feud

Tuesday June 30 2020

Cameroon president Paul Biya. PHOTO | FILE | AFP


Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea on Monday began collaboration and security actions talks over a disputed border, which has been at the centre of diplomatic feud between Yaounde and Malabo.

The two-day bilateral meeting in the Cameroon capital is at the behest of presidents Paul Biya of Cameroon and Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, the Cameroon Defence ministry said in a statement.

“The important bilateral meeting shall essentially delve into mutual collaboration modalities and security actions along the border between both countries,” the statement by Cameroon Defense Minister Mr Joseph Beti Assomo said.

Last year, Equatorial Guinea began erecting a solid wall on its 183km-long land border with Cameroon, sparking tensions after Yaounde accused Malabo of "intolerable encroachment" and "expansionist ambitions" on its land.

Earlier this month, the two Central African countries agreed to demarcate the border after clashes between troops left many wounded and property destroyed.
The delegation from Equatorial Guinean, headed by the country’s of National Defence minister, Mr Bekale Nkogo Leandro, arrived Yaounde on Sunday afternoon.

The construction of the border wall by Equatorial Guinea might have further strained relations between Yaounde and Malabo, but it is not the first time the country was sealing its borders with Cameroon.


Equatorial Guinea has a history of temporarily shutting its border with Cameroon, citing security threats posed by illegal immigration.

In January 2018 Equatorial Guinea sealed it border with Cameroon after it said mercenaries from the latter, Chad and the Central African Republic attempted to launch a coup to overthrow president Obiang Nguema, who has led the tiny oil-rich country since 1979.