St Catherine Primary School faces acute shortage of teachers

Friday March 15 2019

Nairobi's St Catherine Primary School head teacher Isabella Asesa with pupils in class on March 15, 2019. She says the school is understaffed. PHOTO | SAMMY KIMATU | NATION MEDIA GROUP


A city primary school is facing an acute shortage of teachers.

Nairobi’s St Catherine Primary School has not got replacements for some of its teachers who were transferred.  

Despite the lack of teachers, the population of pupils has steadily increased.   

The school’s head teacher Isabella Asesa told that the institution has 29 teachers against a pupil population of 1,303.  

She linked the increase in the institution's population to rural-urban migration and a feeding programme.



The feeding programme has been organised by Mukuru Promotion Centre, a church-based organisation that helps more than 6000 children and adults by providing education, healthcare and social rehabilitation services.


Nairobis' St Catherine Primary School pupils in class on March 15, 2019. PHOTO | SAMMY KIMATU | NATION MEDIA GROUP

“There is high population density in the nearby slums. Due to high levels of poverty index, some children have transferred from other schools to St Catherine because we have a feeding programme unlike others schools,” Ms Asesa said on Friday.

The school that is co-sponsored by the Irish Sisters of Mercy and the Nairobi City government is located in South B in Starehe Constituency.