Family: Rumours on former president Daniel Moi are hogwash

Thursday October 31 2019

Former President Daniel Moi. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The spokesman of former President Daniel Moi's family has dismissed speculations about the health of the former Head of State as “hogwash.”

Press Secretary Lee Njiru said Thursday evening that Mzee Moi is still undergoing treatment at The Nairobi Hospital.

“Any information regarding the former President should be treated as hogwash unless sanctioned by the official channel,” Mr Njiru said.

“If what people are talking about happens who can hide such a thing?” asked Mr Njiru, referring to rumours circulating online that the former President is dead.

“Those are alarmists and malicious people peddling false rumours. Where do they get such rubbish? Who appointed them to be the family spokesmen?” Mr Njiru said.

He added: There are government channels to release such information and they should stop peddling lies and rumours about the health status of Mzee Moi.


“Who wants to hide anything about Mzee Moi? And in any case when it comes to information about Mzee Moi, who is speaking the truth is it me or them?

“I am the official Press secretary of former President Daniel arap Moi and I am the spokesperson. Unless you hear from me everything else is hogwash,” said Mr Njiru.

On Monday, sources close to the family told the Nation that the former president was admitted to The Nairobi Hospital on Saturday after he developed breathing complications.

This is the second time in two weeks that the 95 year old former president is being attended to at the city hospital.

On Tuesday, a source at the hospital said Mzee Moi was “on restricted visits at the moment, and his doctor is currently keeping an eye on his lungs”.