Kalonzo backs reconciliation over Waki

Thursday October 30 2008

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka. Photo/FILE

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka is against the full implementation of the Waki report.

He has said that doing so will open up old wounds that had started to heal adding that the move will take the country backwards.

He, however, regretted that several people were killed during the post-election violence but warned that if careers of politicians implicated in the violence were to be destroyed it will be detrimental to the healing process in the country.

“We will be rubbing wounds that had already begun to heal. And this will take the country backwards.”

Instead, he suggested that the country explores ways to bring about reconciliation among its peoples.

Mr Musyoka was answering questions from the press after officially opening the sixth annual conference of the gambling regulators African Forum at New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi.


He added: “Anything that takes us backwards, I am opposed to . It should be rejected.”

The VP said he has nothing against Justice Waki adding that his only concern was for peace in the country.

Even if a tribunal is to be formed as has been proposed in the report, Mr Musyoka said it will be very difficult to prosecute the suspects.

He gave the example of Rwanda where he noted that genocide suspects are yet to be convicted.

“It takes long period for the suspects to be arrested try them and even get evidence like in the Rwandan case,” he said.

Mr Musyoka said that most of the people who are commenting about the Waki report have not even read it.

“I have read the 500-page document and as a lawyer I know it is very difficult to implement it even if threats of International Criminal Court (ICC) fly in the air.”